Standard 5 in Malaysia – Science – Chapter 7 – Electricity

Standard 5 in Malaysia
Science – Chapter 7 – Electricity

Keywords and Basic Concept

001) Electricity
002) Energy
003) Light
004) Heat
005) Electrical Appliances
006) Electrical Energy
007) Generator
008) Accumulator
009) Dynamo
010) Solar Cells
011) Hydroelectric Power Plants
012) Battery
013) Dry Cells
014) The Bakun Dam
015) Source of Electrical Energy
016) Measure Electrical Energy
017) Saving Electrical Energy
018) Sustainable Life
019) Electrical Circuit
020) Light Bulb
021) Switch
022) Connecting Wires
023) Complete Electrical Circuit
024) Dry Cell Holder
025) Light Bulb Holder
026) Close the Switch
027) Electric Eel
028) Volts
029) Connect Electrical Circuit
030) Break Electrical Circuit
031) Electrical Socket
032) Electrical Wire
033) Materials
034) Components
035) Symbols
036) Symbols of a Dry Cell
037) Symbol of a Switch
038) Symbol of Light Bulb
039) Symbol of an Open Switch
040) Opened Switch
041) Symbol of a Closed Switch
042) Closed switch
043) A diagram of an electrical circuit using symbols
044) Construct an electrical circuit using diagram of components symbols.
045) To sketch a diagram of an electrical circuit using symbols of components.
046) Torchlight
047) Dim
048) Light up
049) Brightness
050) Hypothesis
051) Series Circuit
052) Parallel Circuit
053) Diagram of a series circuit.
054) Diagram of a parallel circuit
055) Faulty electric wire
056) Safety measure


001) The bulb in an electrical circuit lights up when the switch is closed. This circuit is called a complete electrical circuit.

002) When the switch is closed, the bulb will light up. Electric current can flow in a complete electrical circuit.

003) When the switch is opened, the bulb does not light up. Electrical current cannot flow in an incomplete electrical circuit.

004) The numbers of light bulb and dry cell are the factors affecting the brightness of the bulbs in an electrical circuit. If there is a lot of electric current flowing in a circuit, the light bulb will glow brightly.

005)  Series Circuit
This series circuit has one path for the flow of electrical energy. The light bulbs are arranged next to each other in the same path.
The electrical energy flows in the same path in a series circuit. Thus, all light bulbs in a series circuit share the electrical energy supplied by the dry cells. This cause the bulbs to go dimmer.

006) Parallel Circuit
This circuit has two or more paths for the flow of electrical energy. The light bulbs are arranged parallel in different paths.
The electrical energy flows in different paths in a parallel circuit. Thus, the electrical energy that flows in each path are equal. This cause the bulbs to glow brighter.

007) Light bulbs arranged in a parallel circuit glows brighter than series circuit when the switches for both circuits are closed.

008) What is electric energy efficiency?
Electrical energy efficiency means that we use lesser electrical energy to perform equivalent work at home or workplace. We can save our expenses on electrical consumption while enjoying the same facilities.

009) Avoid flying kites near the electric cables. You can get electric shock if the kite gets tangled on the cable while holding the kite string. A high electric current from the cable can flow through the kite string to your body and neutralised by the earth.


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