Spiffy – About Us

SPIFFY SDN. BHD. was established in year 2008. As shoes direct sale company, which just like others direct sale company in market, such as CARL DEON, LEON which provided direct sale shoes services to customers. Our main market was focus in Johor State, Malaysia at very beginning. Though SPIFFY SDN. BHD. is a “young” company in market, but the team of leaders with an experience of fifteen years in shoe industry had enabled Spiffy to punch above its weight and make a meaningful contribution in shoe industry.

With over 10 years of experience in the shoe industry, a stable financial background and market knowledge, we found that to stand out among the great competitors and to grow further, we ought to fulfill customers needs and tireless in looking out the latest trend, expend the market and get closer with out variety of customers. We aim to bring the company’s concept and message to our customers through our product shoe with a simple trendy.

In year 2010, we decided to go the extra mile to support our customers needs and team’s soaring aspirations. We expend our business to a counter sale, open retail commodity and even sell wholesale business. All these changes and decision were after our survey and analysis of domestic and international market trend. We will looking for retail commodity in whole Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and also Thailand. We estimated to expend four more flagship store and bring in the counter sale, sell wholesale business to these places.

We will go far diversified merchandise, therefore, we had talk things over with appromax 150 respective factory and distributer to avoid product overlapping.

For retail commodity, we will adapt the prevailing practice at the time far outlet design. We will bring the trendy and comfortable shoe for our customers from different level either of baby kids or the senior citizen.

We are grateful that customers have chosen Spiffy and we are appreciate to corporate with those have right core values and have a common goal with us. There are many more mountains to climb and rivers to cross in a now booming and thriving Asia that is increasing interconnected to the world. Let’s continues to build for the future.

– Bring the valuable & quality product to our customers. Ensure customers enjoying the trend and comfortable feeling.

-Provide consistent quality product to customers.
– Continuously searching business partner, enlarge our team, maximize the contact among the product with customers.

SPIFFY SDN. BHD. 成立于2008年,成立初期是一简直销鞋子的公司,就像市场上的 CAR DEON, LENO 等公司一般,提供直接销售鞋子给终端顾客德模式,而主要市场范围也局限于马来西亚的柔佛州。 虽然这是一家年轻的公司, 但是负责人确实已经在鞋子行业驰骋近15年的老将,可谓经验丰富。

随着团队经验及资金的累积,我们发现在马来西亚市场的剧烈竟争中,要持续成长, 除了要更积极地寻求更符合顾客需求的产品之外, 还必须将服务及生意网络将强扩张,更靠近各式各样的顾客群。当然,‘万法不离其宗’, 我们的目标始终是做‘脚’ 的生意,鞋子。此外,我们也希望将公司的理念及讯息融入于产品当中,进而带给顾客,我们希望将‘简单的时尚,愉快的路程’的概念带给大家。

所以,在2010年,我们决定冲破局限!将我们的业务扩展到专柜鞋子给其他店面,开设门市店,以及批发生意。 这些转变,是经过我们对市场进入深入的研究后所决定的。

今年,我们也将在全马各地寻找及开设店面。 我们也会到印尼,新加坡,汶来甚至是泰国等地寻找机会,预计会开设4家旗舰店。此外,批发及专柜的生意也会触及这些地区。

由于考虑到多重方向的发展模式,在货源方面,我们已经跟将近150家各别的工厂及分销商达成供货协定, 确保在各个发展路线上,货物种类不会发生重叠或过于相近的问题。

在开设门市的计划方面,我们会采用较时尚的店面设计。虽然针对的顾客群是从儿童到老年人,但是鞋子的种类也会趋向时尚及舒服感。 当然,根据市场的各别情况,我们的产品种类也会调整。


– 带给顾客更值得的产品,提升顾客对质量的醒觉, 让时尚和舒适的感觉共存。

– 带给顾客长期及稳定品质的产品。
– 持续寻找合作伙伴,加强团队力量,让更多顾客接触我们的产品。