Family Care Dental Batu Pahat 家家牙科

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Family Care Dental Batu Pahat 家家牙科
Family Care Dental Laser Clinic Sdn Bhd

Family Care Dental Surgery
Surgeri Pergigian Family Care

Slogan | 标语
Your beautiful smile, our caring touch!

Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia. 峇株巴辖, 柔佛, 马来西亚。
Batu Pahat Dentistry 峇株巴辖牙医业 Batu Pahat Kedokteran Gigi
Batu Pahat Dental Clinic 峇株巴辖牙科诊所, 牙齿诊所 Batu Pahat Klinik Gigi
Batu Pahat Dental Care 峇株巴辖牙齿护理 Batu Pahat Penjagaan Gigi
Batu Pahat Dentist 峇株巴辖牙医 Batu Pahat Dokter Gigi
Batu Pahat Dental Surgery 峇株巴辖口腔外科, 牙科, 牙医手术, 牙科诊所
Batu Pahat Pembedahan Pergigian
Batu Pahat Oral Hygiene 峇株巴辖口腔卫生 Batu Pahat Kesbersihan Mulut
Batu Pahat Oral Health 峇株巴辖口腔健康 Batu Pahat Kesihatan Mulut
Batu Pahat Teeth Protection 峇株巴辖牙齿保健 Batu Pahat Perlindungan Gigi
Batu Pahat JiaJia Dental Clinic 峇株巴辖 家家牙科医务所
Batu Pahat Surgeri Pergigian Family Care
Family Dental Care Community Service 家家牙科社区服务

Headquarter | 总部 | Ibu Pejabat
Address | 地址 | Alamat
No 30/4A & 30/3A, Jalan Pancuran Air, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.
Tel: +6 07-433 9640
H/P: +6 016-715 9640 (WeChat | WhatsApp | Line | Tel)

Branch | 分行 | Cawangan
Address | 地址 | Alamat
No 114-A, Jalan Sultanah, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.
Tel: +6 07-431 9640

Facebook | 面子书

Facebook Messager | 面子书信息

Webpage | 网页

Blog | 部落格

网址 | Website Address

Email Address | 邮址 | Alamat Email

Business Hour | 营业时间 | Waktu Perkhidmatan
10am to 5.30pm on Monday to Wednesday & Friday
10am to 4pm on Thursday
10am to 2pm on Saturday
Sunday open for Appointment Customer Only

Our Dental Doctors | 我们的医生/牙医 | Doktor Gigi Kami

Dr. Chen Ye Hong 陈依虹医生
B.D.S. (Singapore)
ITI Certification in Oral Implantology (Berne, Switzerland)
Advanced Course in Implant Dentistry (Harvard, U.S.A)
Advanced Periodontal & Implant Theraphy (Michigan, U.S.A.)
International Association for Orthodontics (Member)

Dr. Ng Leng Siang 黄凌湘医生
D.D.S. (UKM)
International Association for Orthodontics (Member)

Payment Method | 付款方式 | Cara Pembayaran
– We accept Cash in Malaysia Ringgit – RM .
– We accept Credit Card in condition of RM200 and above.

Products and Services | 产品与服务 | Produk dan Perkhidmatan
Dental Treatment Provided | 牙科治疗种类

In Family Care, we provide different kind of treatments for our patients, based on their individual needs. The following is a list of the services provided:

Services | 服务 | Perkhidmatan
– Scaling & Polishing 洗牙
– Fillings 补牙
– Extractions 拔牙
– Root Canal Treatment 根管治疗
– Crown & Bridges 牙冠与固定牙桥
– Whitening & Bleaching of Teeth 牙齿美白服务
– Panoramic Scanning Dental X-ray 全景X光扫描
– Dental Laser Treatment 牙科激光治疗
– Orthodontic Treatment 牙齿矫正服务
– Dental Implant 人工植牙
– Wisdom Tooth Surgery 智慧齿手术
– Soft Tissue Surgery 牙龈移植手术
– Clear Aligner 隐形矫正牙套
– Dentcoat 水晶牙齿保护膜
– Children Dental Clinic 儿童牙科
– Laughing Gas N2O Service 笑气服务
– Invisalign Aligner 隐适美矫正
– 绑牙
– etc. 其它

Products | 产品 | Produk
– Retainers 维持器
– Straighten your Teeth without Braces 隐形牙套
– Invisalign 隐适美
– etc. 其它


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