Victor Lim Birthday 2018 in Malaysia Party Buffet Swimming Fun A00

Victor Lim Birthday 2018

Happy Birthday to You!!

Datin Sri Ivy Fan Founder of Roundabout Bistro N Cafe - Wisma V A01-00

Datin Sri Ivy

Be yourself!

Kiong Art House

Batu Pahat Art Studio, watercolours painting, wooden strokes painting, crayon drawings, drawings, oil painting, advertising painting, murals, etc.

Kiong Art Wedding Event Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Event and Wedding Decoration Company One-stop Wedding Planning Services Wedding Theme Live Band Wedding Photography Videography A00-02

Kiong Art Wedding Event

We are a one-stop wedding planning services, including wedding theme layout, wedding live band, wedding master of ceremonies, wedding photography & video, wedding planning, wedding buffet.

BP Wijaya Trading Sdn Bhd Malaysia Selangor Kuala Lumpur manufacturer of safety fences building materials for housing construction site Security fencing factory security home security A00-02

BP Wijaya Trading Sdn Bhd

We wholesale all kinds of safety fences and accessories. We strive to provide fence building materials and consultation service in today’s housing, construction, outdoor design, orchard fencing, site fencing, factory security, home security, etc. .

Malaysia Johor Batu Pahat Keyman Insurance Protection of Loan Business Expenses Cost of Living Agensi Pekerjaan Unilink Prospects Sdn Bhd A00-2

Keyman Insurance

Business is all about the people who ensure the smooth running of your business. Without them, your business would not be able to function.

Ye Shen Enterprise 義勝企業

Machine and Hydraulic System Repair and Sales, Machinery Hardware, Spring Production, etc. | 机械与液压系统维修与销售、机械五金、弹簧制作 等等。

Batu Pahat Onvia CCTV Wireless Alarm System Wiring Works Johor Malaysia 峇株巴辖闭路电视保安系统 无线防盗系统安装 警报系统安装 电气工程 办 A04-00-2

LCS Sales and Service

Batu Pahat Alarm System, Batu Pahat CCTV System .. etc. | 峇株吧辖防盗系统安装 – 警报系统安装,峇株吧辖闭路电视保安系统。

Treasure Pavilion 藏宝阁

藏宝阁 幸运抽奖,再过几天,即将将要来到 峇株巴辖!Treasure Pavilion lucky draw machine COMING SOON!
@ Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

MNE International

✅English | Melayu | 华语 Company Name MNE International Marketing SDN BHD (1059511-A) Web-link About Company MNE International Marketing Sdn Bhd is Malaysia’s pioneering company in developing effective Solar Powered Mosquito Eliminators that lure & kill mosquitoes which can spread dengue and also the most recent outbreak Zika Virus. At MNE International, we offer affordable […]

Agensi Pekerjaan Unilink Prospects Sdn Bhd

Unilink is a “one-stop centre” in providing professional management consultancy services specializing in manpower recruitment and supplies of foreign workers, resource management & organization development, risk management, company secretarial services and business license application.

Love and Care 爱心 与 关怀

We focus on your painting skills, at the same time we also focus on your creativity to present. |

World Peace Poster 世界和平海报

World Art House 世界艺术画室 祝愿每一个国家、每一个社会 都有和平的生活、人民彼此和睦共处、接纳包容,每一个人都能享受家庭的温暖,一起打造一个进步的社会和国家!


第六届一个马来西亚国庆嘉年华 | 柔佛州務大臣拿督斯里莫哈末卡立諾丁 | 新山市長阿都拉欣 |柔州大臣署华人特别事务官陈书北 | 马华新山市议员陈传平|马来西亚贩商同业总会总会长拿督姚文春 | 一个马来西亚

#BeBetter with AIA Vitality

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