Cool Man Air-Cond 酷酷冷气

Cool Man Air-Cond Batu Pahat Air Cond Service Air-Cond Installation Air Conditioning 酷酷冷气 冷气维修服务 冷器安装 峇株巴辖 冷气服务 A00


Cool Man Air-Cond

Cool Man Enterprise

Cool Man Enterprise is a company which provide Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Service.

We are located in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.
Kami terletak di Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

Malaysia, Johor, Batu Pahat air-conditioning system installation, trading, service, maintenance, cleaning service.
马来西亚 柔佛 峇株吧辖 冷气系统安装、买卖、维修、保养、清洗服务!
Malaysia, Johor, Batu Pahat pemasangan sistem penghawa dingin, perdagangan, penyelenggaraan, perkhidmatan pembersihan.

Address | 地址 | Alamat

LOT 2049 (BWH), JM65 KN, Jalan Puranama, Taman Cahaya Puranama Peserai, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

Facebook | 面子书


Facebook Messenger


Email Address | 邮址 | Alamat Email


Email Address | 邮址 | Alamat Email

Contact | 联络 | Hubungi

JP Pua 潘俊鹏
📞 +6 019-705 2196

Business Hours | 营业时间 | Waktu Perniagaan

Please call us for appointment.
Sila hubungi kami untuk perkhidmatan.

Products and Services | 产品及服务 | Produk dan Perkhidmatan

Air-Conditioning / Air Conditioner Service |冷气机及冷气系统服务
– Air Conditioner Installation 冷气机安装
– Air Conditioner Inspection 冷气机检查
– Air Conditioner Repair & Maintaning 冷气机维修与保养
– Air Conditioner Cleaning 冷气机清洗

Other Services | 其它服务

– CCTV System 闭路电视保安系统

Brand of Air Conditioner We Deal | 冷气机品牌

– Fujiaire
– York
– Acson
– Panasonic
– Koolman
– Carrier

Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia. | 峇株吧辖,柔佛,马来西亚。
Batu Pahat Electrical Wiring Service | 峇株吧辖电器配线服务,安装电源电线
Batu Pahat Wiring | 峇株吧辖配线服务
Batu Pahat Air Conditioner Installation | 峇株吧辖冷气机安装
Batu Pahat Conditioner Repair & Maintaning | 峇株吧辖冷气机维修与保养
Batu Pahat Aircon, Air Conditioning | 峇株吧辖冷气系统 | Batu Pahat Penyaman Udara
Batu Pahat CCTV System | 峇株吧辖闭路电视保安系统

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