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Malaysia Johor Batu Pahat Megah Machinery Hardware Sdn Bhd Ang Ee Meng 洪维明 马来西亚 柔佛 峇株巴辖 全能机械五金有限公司 工业设备 液压机械 A00-01

Megah Machinery Hardware Sdn Bhd


Machinery Hardware, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Tools, General Hardwares, Paints, Piping …

Malaysia, Johor, Batu Pahat. 马来西亚,柔佛,峇株巴辖。
Batu Pahat Machinery Hardware 峇株吧辖机械五金 Batu Pahat Jentera Perkakasan
Batu Pahat Hydraulic Mechanical  峇株吧辖液压机械
Batu Pahat Pneumatic Mechanical 峇株吧辖气动机械
Batu Pahat Engineering Works 峇株吧辖机器工程、机械工程
Batu Pahat Electrical Works 峇株吧辖电气工程
Batu Pahat Industrial Equipment 峇株吧辖工业设备
Batu Pahat Industial Machine Consult, Design, Assembly and Installation.
峇株吧辖 工业机械询问、设计、组装、组建、安装。

Logo | 商标

Malaysia Johor Batu Pahat Megah Machinery Hardware Sdn Bhd Logo Ang Ee Meng 洪维明 马来西亚 柔佛 峇株巴辖 全能机械五金有限公司 工业设备 液压机械 公司商标

Address | 地址 | Alamat

No 15, Jalan Megah 5, Taman Megah, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

No 7 & 7A, Jalan Megah 5, Taman Megah, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

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Contact | 联络电话 | Hubungi

Office Tel
📞 +6 07-435 5830

Office Fax
+6 07-438 5830

Mr. Ang Ee Meng 洪维明
📞 +6 012-776 0587

Alvin Teo 张佃发
📞 +6 012-717 0720

Email Address | 电邮 | E-mel

Business Hours | 营业时间 | Jam

8.30am to 5.30pm from Monday to Saturday
10am to 2pm on Sunday

Products and Services | 产品及服务 | Produk dan Perkhidmatan

– Machinery Hardware 机械五金
– Industrial Machine Design 工业机械设计、工业机器设计
– Industrial Machine Fabrication 工业机械制造、建造、装配
– Industrial Machine Assembly 工业机械组装、组建
– Industrial Machine Installation 工业机械安装
– Hydraulic Product Supply 液压组件供应
– Pneumatic Product Supply 气动组件供应
– Industrial Production Improvement 工业生产改进、改善、更新
– Machines Repairing 机械维修、机械修复
– Electrical Control 电机与电器控制
– Fixture Production 设备制造
– Hydraulic Seal
– Pneumatic Seal
– Fitting 配件

Kinds of Pneumatic Product

– Cylinder, Profile Cylinder, Tie Rod Standard Cylinder, Standard Cylinder, Stainless Steel Slim Cylinder, Aluminum Slim Cylinder, Pen Cylinder, Sensor Switch, Compact Cylinder, Dual Rod Cylinder, Twin Rod Cylinder, Free Mount Cylinder, Compact Guide Cylinder, Roundline Cylinder, Slide rodless Cylinder, Rodless Slide Cylinders, Stopper Cylinder, Guide Cylinders, Air Slide Table, Rotary Actuator Rack & Pinion Style, Booster Cylinders, Air Chunk 180 Degrees Style, Air Chunk Parallel Style, Air Chunk Toggle Style, Air Chunk 3 Finger Parallel Style, Air Chunk Angular Style, Vacuum Ejectors, Vacuum Pad, Shock Absorber, Hydraulic-Pneumatic Converter, Rotary Swing Clamp Cylinder, Refrigerated Air Dryer (HA) Completed with After Cooler, Main Line Filter, F.R.L Combination, Precision Pressure Regulator, Auto Drain, Electronic Auto Timer Drain, Pressure Gauge, Solenoid Valve, Pilot Valve, Manifold, Mechanical Valve, Hand Level Valve, Hand Operator Valve, Foot Pedal Valve, Flow Control Valve, Shuttle Valve, Quick Exhaust Valve, Check Valve, Pilot Check Valve, Pressure Switch, Pneumatic Sensor, Pneumatic Air Timer Delay Valve, Pressure Pulse Valve, Pneumatic Counter, Hand Slide Valve, TAC Valve, Push-Pull Valve, Valve Device, Accessories, Quick Joint, Brass Fitting, etc….

Kinds of Hydraulic Product

– Check Valves, Pilot Operated Check Valves, Prefill Valves, Pressure Control Valves, Throttle (Flow Control) Valves, Deceleration Valves, Variable Displacement Vane Pumps, Double Variable Displacement Vane Pumps, Fixed Displacement Pumps, Trochoidal Pump, Gear Pump, Double Pumps, Brake Valve, Relief Valve, Pressure Reducing Valve, Sequence Valve, Counterbalance Valve, Flow Control Valves, Cartridge Valves, PDGE Magnetic Spring Contact Switches, Hydraulic Accessory, Hydraulic Cylinder, etc….

Brands | 品牌 | Jename

Legris, Parker Pneumatic, Sun Rise, PM1 Pneumatic, JEL PC, ATC, Rexpower, etc.


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