Electrical Board Repair in Batu Pahat Johor Malaysia

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+6 010-789 1585
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Description | 简介

1. 电子板清理干净。
2. 检查哪一个原件出问题。
3. 使用电炉和吸锡器把两件拆出来。
4. 在做第二次测试。
5. 然后把新零件安装入电子板上。

Electronic board repair steps
1. Electronic board clean up.
2. Check which original problem.
3. Use the electric furnace and suction tin two parts out.
4. Do the second test.
5. Then install the new part into the electronic board.


Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.
Batu Pahat PCB Repair
Batu Pahat Circuit Repair
Batu Pahat Electronic Board Repair
Batu Pahat Electronic Maintanance
BatuPahat Power Supply Repair
Batu Pahat Inverter Repair
Batu Pahat Chopper PCB Repair
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Batu Pahat Driver PCB Repair
Batu Pahat Control PCB Repair
Batu Pahat Analog PCB Repair

峇株巴辖 电路板修理

About Electrical Board Repair

本人是维修各种电子板、电源板、变频器、整流电路板、驱动电路板、控制电路板、模拟电路板、等等。 I am the maintenance of a variety of Electronic Boards, Power Boards, Inverter, Rectifier Circuit Boards, Drive Circuit Boards, Control Circuit Boards, Analog Circuit Boards, and so on. Contact No. : +6 010-789 1585 (WhatsApp | Tel)

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