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Welcome to the World Art House!
欢迎报名上课 @ 世界艺术画室 !

World Art House 世界艺术画室

Address | 地址

No. 23-3 (3rd Floor), Jalan PJU 5/12, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Contact No | 联络电话
Registration Hotline | 报名热线

 +6 018-371 3821
WeChat | WhatsApp | Tel

 +6 016-769 0499
WeChat | WhatsApp | Tel

Email Address

Facebook | 面子书

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Mission | 使命

Our mission is to build an universal and popular art painting education. In the process of targeting students’ progress and potential, we are giving appropriate individual nurturing, and motivating students to show their ability in different situations. These help to present their thoughts, creativity, skills and spot reactions!

我们的使命是,建立普及与大众化的艺术绘画教育,并在过程中针对学生的进度和潜能,给予适当及个别的培育与激励,让学生们有能力在不同的场合、不同的环境,发挥与展现他们的思考、创作、创造力、技巧 与 临场反应!

Slogan | 口号

Making little genius painters with creative, only in the World Art House!


About Us | 关于我们

The World Art House has a group of experienced teachers to guide students in painting. The World Art House provides different levels for students of different ages, so that they can be inspired and trained through various painting courses and enhance their ability to paint.

Our teachers will work through their various painting experience with watercolors, wood strokes, crayons, sketches, oil paintings, posters, and so on. Painting is not limited to several ways, and the wonder of painting art allowing students to create and establish their own unique!

We know that in the process of painting, the students will continue and try to show their minds on the painting of the object and so on tangible and intangible things to express, these can help to build a person with calm, thinking, stable, organization, construction, temperament etc. Painting make students to have a balanced life, and express their inner world and communicate with the community.

The experience and results of the years of teaching proved that students who have been trained from us have received numerous awards and recognition in different painting competitions in Malaysia. Students also accumulate experience, build confidence and exercise spot reactions from these occations. The result is fruitfulness, both with medals and also with the social interaction experience!

In painting education, we focus on students’ creativity, attitudes, skills, knowledge and experience, so that students are able to play and show their results on different occasions.

We are convinced that every student’s creative ability should be educated and developed.

We are convinced that when a student, through the guidance of teachers and continuous efforts to produce works and processes, is a precious assets in the life.

We believe that when students obtain the results of their efforts, their heart of satisfaction and joy can’t be estimated.

We believe that when the student’s artistic creation talent is cultivated, it will also indirectly promote his / her other projects in life to play!

世界艺术画室 有着一群经验丰富的老师,指导学生作画。世界艺术画室 为不同年龄层的学生准备了不同层度的课程,让学生们能够透过各种绘画课程得到启发与训练,激发他/她们个人的潜能及提升作画的能力。

老师们将透过水彩画、木笔画、蜡笔画、素描、油画、广告画 等等,让学生们有不同的作画体验。绘画可以是多姿多彩的,并不只局限于几种方式。美术艺术的创作,能让学生们透过创作对自己有不同的惊喜,建立自己的独特性!

在绘画的过程中,学生们不断的尝试在画纸上流露他们心中对美丽、对实物、对物体等等有形与无形事物的表达,能建立的一个人冷静、思考、稳重、组织、建构 等等的能力与气质。这也能使学生能有平衡的生活,因为学生们能透过绘画来表达自己的内心世界,也用绘画来与社会交流。

从过去多年教育学生作画累积的经验与结果证实,从我们这里得到训练的学生在马来西亚全国不同的绘画比赛里得到了无数的奖项与认可。学生们也在这些比赛中累积经验、建立信心 以及 锻炼临场反应。其结果是一幅幅的比赛佳作、奖状奖牌及与社会彼此交流的经历!




Courses | 课程

– Junior Art Painting Class (Age 4-6)
– Intermediate Primary School Painting Class (Age 7-9)
– Senior Elementary School Painting Class (Age 10-12)
– Intermediate Secondary School Painting Class (Age 13-15)
– Senior Secondary school Painting Class (Age 16-18)

Content and scope:
Watercolors, Wood Strokes, Crayons, Sketches, Oil Paintings, Posters, and so on.

– 初级幼儿美术绘画班 (4-6岁)
– 中级小学绘画班 (7-9岁)
– 高级小学绘画班 (10-12岁)
– 中级中学绘画班 (13-15岁)
– 高级中学绘画班 (16-18岁)

水彩画、木笔画、蜡笔画、素描、油画、广告画 等等。

Timetable | 时间表

Saturday Sessions | 星期六 的 时段
1) 02.00pm – 04.00pm
2) 04.30pm – 06.30pm
3) 07.30pm – 09.30pm

Sunday Sessions | 星期日 的 时段
1) 09.00am – 11.00am
2) 11.30am – 01.30pm
3) 02.30pm – 04.30pm
4) 05.00pm – 07.00pm
5) 07.30pm – 09.30pm

Classes from Monday to Friday are from 07.30pm to 09.30pm .
星期一 至 星期五 的 上课时间是从 07.30pm 至 09.30pm 。

Remarks | 备注
* Close on public holiday, no replacement class.| 公共假日休息,没有补课。
* Fifth week of every month is close – four times of class each month.
* 每一个月份第五个星期休息 – 一个月内共有4堂课

Photo Gallery | 相册

World Art House Children Education Kota Damansara Petaling Jaya Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Watercolors Wood strokes Crayons Sketches Oil paintings Posters 世界艺术画室 八打灵再也 A05.jpg


Poster | 传单

World Art House Children Education Kota Damansara Petaling Jaya Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Watercolors Wood strokes Crayons Sketches Oil paintings Posters 世界艺术画室 八打灵再也 B01.jpg

More (Coming Soon)




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