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Personal and Corporate Shareholder

The death or serious illness of a shareholder can have major repercussions for the future of your company. It can cause immediate financial hardship for the remaining shareholders and maybe even loss of control of the company. In essence, the death or serious illness of a shareholder can potentially jeopardise the future of the company and can have major implications for the remaining shareholders.

On death a shareholder’s shares normally pass to their next of kin and the next of kin become new shareholders in the company. The change in share ownership can lead to potential problems for both the next of kin and the remaining shareholders. The next of kin may not want to become involved in the company and may want to sell their shares as soon as possible. The remaining shareholders may want to retain full control and ownership of the company and may not want to work with a new shareholder.

A Shareholder Business Protection Insurance plan can help avoid these problems.

How To Create A Business Succession Plan 企业传承规划

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